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Shalefield Stories thumbnail_4We want you to know the true story of the harm the mad rush for gas has caused and will continue to cause unless we stop this crazy exploitation of people and the environment.

You have surely seen the slick ads on TV, radio, online and on billboards and print media with repeated claims about “clean, safe energy” and the abundance of “jobs and money” the industry will bring to you and your region. Sadly they leave out the tragic consequences that are ruining communities, families and the environment.

Each week we will highlight a new story about the brave people who have been fighting to protect their families as well as future potential victims.  Share their stories with everyone you know because these families need a groundswell of support so their suffering does not continue to go unnoticed by the industry or government agencies who have failed to help them.

The number of stories is staggering – you can find more and

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