Watch Dr. Tony Ingraffea’s recent lecture at Mercyhurst on the science of shale gas


We are parents, retirees, students, teachers, doctors, farmers, homeowners, renters, anglers, business owners and everything
in between.

Our plan is to speak with one loud voice to protect our families and the communities we love and to ensure our natural resources are preserved for present and future generations. Our goal is to unite small towns and big cities—in Pennsylvania and beyond—to stop corporate and governmental leaders from destroying our resources and keep them from violating our constitutional and human rights.

Currently our most urgent threats in PA are related to hydrofracking. Citizens throughout the state can address the damage related to natural gas extraction here and can connect with our allies in other communities here.


Imagine you lose your clean water for drinking, bathing, or watering your crops, or that your property has lost all its value or you don’t own the mineral rights. Many people are living this nightmare. Click here for our stories.